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Spring 2004 
sity of Louisiana! /' 



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. ...4A.V 

NSTT Alumni 

He their 

i< lor food 


Dr. Randall J. Webb, '65, '66 


Northwestern State University 

Dear Alumni: 

I hope that the new year is off to a good start for each of you. So 
far. 2004 has been an exciting year at Northwestern. The university set 
another enrollment record in the spring semester and interest among 
prospective students is high. Attendance at our recent recruiting event for students who will 
graduate in 2005 increased by 35 percent, which is a positive sign that these students are 
aware of what is available for them at NSU. 

In addition to developing strong academic programs. Northwestern has an obligation 
to reach out to surrounding communities to assist in economic development and improve 
the quality of life. 

The Small Business Development Center at Northwestern works closely with 
businesspeople and entrepreneurs in several area parishes to develop business plans and 
obtain needed capital to start businesses and help them grow. Last year, the SBDC assisted 
entrepreneurs and small businesses in Central Louisiana in securing more than $22 million 
in capitalization. The Center also played a role in a recent Rural Economic Development 
conference which brought several hundred elected officials along with chamber of 
commerce and business representatives to NSU. 

Northwestern strives to work with area teachers and school systems. The university 
encourages its faculty to pass along their expertise to elementary and secondary teachers. 
Through its affiliation with the Louisiana Systemic Initiatives Program, math and science 
teachers have learned innovative methods to reach their students more effectively. 

The university also recently learned it has been selected as a host for the National 
Writing Project, a network of university-school collaborations designed to improve student 
achievement by working with teachers at all grade levels and all disciplines. 

Northwestern is also using its expertise to help capable high school students get an 
early start on their college education. The STEP UP Program gives qualified high school 
students the opportunity to take NSU classes at their high school during the school day. Last 
fall. 85 students around Louisiana earned credit at NSU through this program. The Space 
Science Group has developed a popular CD to help students improve scores on the LEAP 

Your university is working hard each day to improve the lives of all the people it 

Dr. Chris Maggio, '85, '91 

Director Alumni and Development 

Fellow Alumni and Friends: 

In reviewing the career profession list of NSU alumni. I have 
realized that Northwestern graduates are involved in almost every 
aspect of our daily lives. Naturally, having been established as a 
"teachers' college", we might immediately think of the many educators 
that NSU has produced. Of course, we have alumni working at all levels of education. pre-K 
through higher education, and our alumni have made a tremendous impact in this field. 

But. as I communicate with many NSU alumni. I am continually impressed with the 
diversity of professions of our alumni family. Think about your former classmates and the 
jobs that they hold. Our alumni work in the fields of accounting, administration, banking, 
construction, criminal justice, investments, aviation, business, computers, communications, 
medical/health related, education, engineering, entertainment, legal, insurance, journalism, 
marketing, military, ministry, nursing, research, sales, social work, travel and many others. 

In this issue we highlight a few of our graduates in the restaurant industry. In 
Louisiana, it is often said that if we are not eating a meal, we are planning our next one. I 
hope that you enjoy a clo.ser insight to a few NSU alumni that have made a name for 
themselves in this field. 

Of course, when many of our alumni read this article and think of their classmates then 
there is one other career goal that many of our graduates can now claim, and one that many 
of us aspire, and that is RETIREMENT. . . 

Alumni Columns 

Official Publication of 

Northwestern State University 

Natchitoches, Louisiana 

Organized in 1884 

A member of CASE 

Volume DC Number 1 Spring 2004 

The Alumni Columns (USPS 015480) is published 

4 times a year by Northwestern State University, 

Natchitoches, Louisiana, 71497-0002 

Periodicals Postage Paid at Natchitoches, La., 

and at additional mailing offices. 

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Alumni Columns Northwestern State University, 

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President Dr. B.L. Shaw 

Shreveport, 1955, 1960 

Vice President Jimmy Williams 

Winnfield, 1993 

Secretary-Treasurer Mike Sawrie 

Alexandria, 1972 

Executive Director. Dr. Chris Maggio 

Natchitoches, 1985, 1991 


Brandon Scott Andrews Baton Rouge, 1992 

Dane Broussard Houston.Texas, 1986 

Jerry Brungart Natchitoches, 1969, 1971 

Tommy Chester Arcadia, 1969 

Joe Cunningham, Jr Natchitoches, 1984 

Leonard Endris Shreveport, 1974, 1975 

Adrian Howard Arlington, Texas, 1989 

Gail Jones Natchez, 1981, 1998 

MattKoury Leesville, 1995 

Bryant Lewis Haynesville, 1958 

Carroll Long Tyler, Texas, 1970 

David Morgan Austin, Texas, 1973 

K. Michael Sawrie Alexandria, 1972 

Dr. B.L. Shaw Shreveport, 1955, 1960 

Glenn Talbert Shreveport, 1964 

Rick Walmsley Covington, 1985 

Ginger Wiggins Jackson, Miss., 1986 

J. Michael Wilbum Shreveport, 1975 

Jimmy Williams Winnfield, 1993 


Greg Comeaux Lafayette 

SGA President 

The Alumni Columns is published in 

spring, summer, fall and winter. 


Dr. Chris Maggio, 1985, 1991 


Jennifer Wilbanks Anderson, 1997 


Ericca R. Clark, 2000 

David West 

Doug Ireland, 1986 

Chelsea Smith 


Gary Hardamon 

Don Sepulvado, 1985 


Beth Mann, 1975 

NSU Press Publications Office 

Northwestern State University is accredited by the Commis- 
sion on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and 
Schools ( 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097: 
Telephone number 404-679-4501) to award Associate, Bac- 
calaureate, Master's, Specialist and Doctorate degrees. 

It is the policy of Northwestern State University of Louisi- 
ana not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, 
sex, national origin, age, or disability in its educational pro- 
grams, activities or employment practices. 

AluiMni News 

NSU Alumni share their love for food 


North western's alumni have proven successful in all career fields 
and areas of life. But one particular group of alumni is serving 
their communities in an entirely unique way, with food. 

Six of our many alumni in the restaurant business share how they 
are making it in the most delicious industry. 

Superior Bar and Grill and 
Superior Steakhouse 

College buddies and former 
roommates Phil Barbaree and Bobby 
KIrchoff have formed a successful chain 
in the South. They opened their first 
restaurant, Superior Bar and Grill, in 
1983 in Shreveport. They opened 
subsequent restaurants in Baton Rouge in 
1991, in Birmingham in 1995 and finally 
in New Orleans in 1998. Just last year 
Superior Steakhouse was opened, also in 

Barbaree and Kirchoff 's friendship, 
which began while in college, has 
certainly paid off. These fraternity 
brothers have had other businesses 
together but find that the relationships 
they built in college have helped make 
their restaurants successful. 

"Northwestern played a big part in 
our success because of the contacts we 
made," said Barbaree, a 1976 graduate 
and member of the NSU President's 
Council. "The people you have around 
you in college are important. They stay 
with you." 

"it's the friendship and people you 
meet at NSU that make a difference," 
said Kirchoff, also a member of the NSU 
President's Council and 1977 graduate. 
"Because of our business, we are able to 
maintain contact with Northwestern and 
its alumni. I am proud of Northwestern 
and all it has accomplished. The 
university has played a big role in the 
success we have had. 

You can find out more about each of 
the Superior restaurants at . 

Superior Bar & Grill owners Phil Barbaree ('76) and Bobby Kirchoft ( 77) 

Chocolate Molten Souffle from Superior Bar and Grill 

3 C granulated sugar 

16 large eggs 

2 lbs. semi-sweet chocolate 

2 1/2 sticks unsalted butter (softened) 

3 C all-purpose flour 

Preheat oven to 350°. 

Melt chocolate over a double boiler and gradually add butter while stirring. Whip sugar 
and eggs in a mixing bowl until ribbon-like stage. Slowly add chocolate while continuing 
to mix on low. Slowly fold in flour on low mixing speed. Pour into buttered souffle 
dishes or parchment-lined spring form pans. Place in oven 11-12 minutes. Serves 
approximately 12. 

Alumni Columns Spring 2004/ I 

Alumni News 


No one thinks of Natchitoches food 
without remembering mouthwatering 
meatpies from Lasyone's. Angela Lasyone, 
a 1986 graduate, began working in the 
family business with her father in 1994. 

"I always liked to cook, but our whole 
family does it all," said Lasyone. "We do 
the ordering, cooking and management. 
When I became involved with the business, 
I moved it from old school to new by 
adding more menu selections and using a 
computer system." 

Some things took a while to change. The 
restaurant starting taking credit cards just 
two years ago. They also have catering 
services to the local industries and added a 
banquet room. 

Despite the new changes, Lasyone's still 
has a small-town, family atmosphere in 
which you can eat breakfast, lunch or an 
early dinner. 

The restaurant has gained much publicity 
and has been written about in Southern 
Living, Gourmet, The New York Times and 
the Dallas Morning News. It has also been 
featured on Home and Garden Channel and 
"The Today Show". It was even the setting 
for a Harlequin Romance Novel,"Jodie's 
Little Secrets" by Joanna Wayne. 

Many of Lasyone's patrons, however, 
heard of the restaurant from friends. 

"You can spend a lot of money on 
advertising, but word of mouth is the best," 
said Lasyone. "One thing I learned from 
NSU is where to put money and where not 
to put it. It was there that I also learned 
about dealing with people and organization 

If you are craving a taste of your days in 
Natchitoches, you can order meatpies online 
at . They have shipped 
everywhere in the U.S. 

Lasyone's Red Beans and Sausage 

1 16 ounce dry red kidney beans 

1/2 cup vegetable oil or bacon drippings 
1/2 teaspoon parsley flakes 
10 cups water 

2 teaspoons sugar 
2 teaspoons salt 

2 teaspoons seasoned salt 
1/4 teaspoon red pepper 
1 teaspoon granulated garlic 

1 medium-sized green bell pepper, 


2 stalks celery, chopped 

1 cup chopped smoked sausage 

Combine beans, oil or bacon dripping, 
parsley, water, sugar, salt, seasoned salt, red 
pepper, garlic, bell pepper, onion and celery 
in a 4 quart stock pot. Cook, uncovered, over 
medium heat for 1 1/2 hours. Add sausage 
and cook for an additional 30 minutes or 
until beans are tender, adding more water if 
needed. Serve with white rice. For additional 
sausage, cut smoked sausage into links, pan 
fry and place on red beans and rice to serve. 
Serves 10-12. 

Alumni Columns Spring 2004/ 2 

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Alumni News 

Cypress Inn 

NSU alumni from Central Louisiana 
frequently visit a local favorite, Tunk's 
Cypress Inn. Jimbo and Sandy Thiels, 
1973 graduates, are continuing a family 
business built by Sandy's father, former 
cattleman, E.A. "Tunk" Andries, Jr. 

Tunk's laid-back atmosphere and 
beautiful Kincaid Lake scenery bring 
people back again and again. Many NSU 
graduates return every year for the 
annual alumni reception in November. 

"Our hospitality, family atmosphere 
and friendly staff are important," said 
Jimbo Thiels. "We make sure to serve 
good, consistent, high quality foods." 

Jimbo Thiels credits his college 
education for contributing to the 
development of those skills. 

"The college experience is not so 
much curriculum, but the relationships 
you develop with the people around 
you," he said. "Communication skills 
make you a well-rounded person." 

You can find out more about the 
history of Tunk's Cypress Inn as well as 
view photos and menus at . 

Snapper Sandy from Ttink's Cypress Inn 

Basic Cheese Sauce: 

1 Tbs. butter 

3 Tbs. flour 

1/3 cup Half and Half 

1/2 cup Velveeta® or cheddar cheese 

Heat butter to 350°. add flour and whisk to blend. Stir until flour taste is gone but do not 
brown. Add Half and Half slowly while stirring. Cook a few minutes to get a smooth 
consistency. Blend in 1/2 cup shredded Velveeta® or other cheese. Set aside. 

Butter and season two snapper fillets. Place skin side down in a paper bag. Place cooked 
crawfish tails, cooked shrimp, lump crabmeat on top of fillets. Spoon cream sauce over 
contents of bag. Sprinkle with a few chopped green onion tops. Close bag. Place on a 
metal pan and slide into preheated 400 ° oven. Cook for 20 minutes until fish is done. 
Cut away top of bag and serve. 

Alumni Columns Spring 2004/ 3 

Alumni News 

Gerald Savoie's Restaurant 

Gerald Savoie, 1977 graduate, had a slightly different 
business venture in mind when he came into the restaurant 
industry in 1982. 

"My intention was to be a large seafood market with a small 
restaurant," he said. "But I ended up being a large restaurant with 
a small seafood market." 

Savoie was one of the first people in North Louisiana to serve 
boiled crawfish. His main business focused on boiled seafood 
including crawfish, shrimp and crab. In his first year, he sold 
50,000 pounds of crawfish. The next year he tripled his business. 
Now he sells between 300,000 to 400,000 pounds every year. 

In 1983, Savoie and his partner branched out to catering and 
made it a separate business in 1990. He bought out his partner in 

Savoie learned the restaurant lifestyle while playing football 
at Northwestern. 

"In this business you have to work long hours," he said. "You 
have to be working while other people are out having fun, like on 
Friday nights. It was the same in sports. When everyone was 
having fun going to pep rallies, we had to meet curfew and be at 
home waiting for the game." 

Savoie hosts an annual Shreveport alumni reception and is a 
contributor to NSU Athletics. 

For information on Savoie's Catering and Gerald Savoie's 
Restaurant go to . 

Other NSU Alumni restaurant owners 

Crawfish Etouffee from Savoie's Catering 

I bell pepper 

1 onion 

2 stalk of celery 

2 lbs. crawfish tails 

8 oz. cornstarch 

1/2 lb. margarine 

salt (to ta.ste) 

black pepper (to taste) 

red pepper (to taste) 

granulated garlic (to taste) 

First chop vegetables and saute in margarine. 
Next, add crawfish tails and rinse bag to get 
fat and flavor out. Add seasonings to taste 
and a quart of water. Bring to a boil. Using a 
pint of cold tap water, mix in cornstarch in 
separate container. Turn off heat and 
continue stirring continuously adding corn 
starch and water mixture until it's the 
consistency you desire, thin or thick. Process 
should take about 20-25 minutes and will 
feed between 6 to 8 guests. 



Mike HiiidsCO.I) 


Cotton Patch & Magees 
Patio Cafe 


George and Coneil ('61 ) 


Crawfish Hole 


William Carnahan ('83) 

Crawfish Hole II 


Lawrence "Bush" Carnahan 


Dine for Two 

Los Angeles 

Ryan Glorioso ('03) 

Dominic's Italian 


Johnny ('68) and Merle 

('79) Antoon 


Longview, Texas 
Dudley Lang ('74) 

J & T's CrawHsh Shak 


James Shapkol'f('91), Tony 

Shapkofl'('98) and Jason 


Louisiana National Guard 
Food Service Program 

Camp Beauregard 
GW4Paul Gilmore('97) 

Merci Beaucoup 


Johnny and Rose Cox & 

Johnny Cox (-93) 

Natchitoches Meat 
Pie Company 


Donald Horton ('67) 

and Len McCain ('73) 

Nicky's Mexican 


Casey Hendricks ('98) 

and Terry Wright 

Papa's Bar and Grill 
Mama's Oyster 

Clay ('88)and Jana 
('74) Mayeaux 

Spirits West 


Tony McDonald ('96) 


Frankie ('68) and 
Mary Elder 

The Wooden Spoon 


Henry L. Burns ('70) 

Tin House 


C.B. Morrison ('611 

University Club 


Bobby Shields ('74) 

This is a small 
representation of the 
variety of restaurants 
owned by 
Northwestern alumni. 

Alumni Columns Spring 2004/ 4 

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Campus News 

NSU enrollment sets record 

Northwestern State 
University's enrollment 
increased by 154 students 
for the spring 2004 
semester as a record 
9,881 students registered for classes. 
Last spring's enrollment was 9.727. 

The biggest increase in enrollment 
was at off campus sites and by electronic 
delivery. This semester, 1,728 students 
took classes at other sites compared to 
1,560 last spring. 

"The increase in enrollment is a 
positive sign for the university," said 
Northwestern president Dr. Randall J. 
Webb. "This shows our efforts to attract 
and retain better students are successful. 
Because of new admissions standards 
which take effect in the fall of 2005. we 
expect the period ahead to be 
challenging. But those challenges should 
make Northwestern a better university." 

The university hosted its first 
Fulbright Scholar in Residence during 
the fall. Italian archeologist Dr. Vincenzo 
Di Giovanni was at NSU through 
December and will spend the spring at 
the University of Louisiana at Monroe. 
Di Giovanni is co-director of New 
Archeology, a cooperative of 
professional archeologists who excavate 
sites in Campania, in south central Italy 
where Naples is the principal modem 

'This prestigious opportunity was 
beneficial for our students and was a 
reflection on the quality of our academic 
programs," said Webb. "The recognition 
we received was valuable and will help 
us obtain similar opportunities in the 

Northwestern was the first public 
college or university to receive 100 
percent accreditation of eligible 
academic programs and each program 
continues to work to meet the highest 
standards, Webb said. Recently, the 
ROTC program at NSU was ranked 
among the top 10 percent in the nation in 
annual rankings by the U.S. Army Cadet 

Morrison Hall, Louisiana Scholars" College 

Webb said Northwestern 's efforts to 
reach out to surrounding communities 
are helping the university. NSU's Small 
Business Development Center is having 
a positive impact on the area's economy. 
SBDC staff assisted entrepreneurs and 
small businesses in Central Louisiana 
secure more than S22 million in 
capitalization during the past year. 

"Part of Northwestem's mission is 
to play a role in this region's economic 
development." he said. "We want to use 
our experts to help area communities 
create new jobs and become more 

Northwestern hosted the first 
Louisiana Rural Economic Development 
Conference Feb. 9-11. 

A long-awaited project should be 
completed this fall when construction is 
completed on the $6.9 million Wellness. 
Recreation and Activity Center in the 
heart of the NSU campus. The Center 
should be a tremendous asset to 
Northwestern and should aid the 
university in attracting students. 

Northwestern is also seeking capital 
outlay funds for the renovation of 
Williamson Hall and Caspari Hall which 
would provide the university with new 
uses for two important campus buildings. 


Wellness. Recreation and Activity Center 

Williamson Hall 

Caspari Hall 

Alinuni Columns Spring 2004/ 5 


NCAA gives 'fully certified' seal of approval 
to NSU athletic program 

Northwestern State has received the highest possible 
rating, "fully certified," from the National Collegiate Athletic 
Association, affirming that Northwestern operates its athletic 
program in substantial conformity with operating principles 
adopted by the NCAA Division I membership. 

The NCAA Division I Committee on Athletics 
Certification made the announcement following an extensive 
yearlong "second cycle" review of Northwestern's athletic 
program. Certification is the NCAA's equivalent to academic 
accreditation, designed to ensure integrity in the institution's 
athletic program and to assist institutions in improving their 
athletic departments. 

NCAA legislation mandating athletic certification was 
adopted in 1993. Northwestern received full certification in its 
initial review by the NCAA in May 1996. 

"We're extremely proud that our athletic program once 
again has been fully certified. After experts from the NCAA 
thoroughly reviewed the yearlong self-study that was carefully 
prepared by a team of dedicated university personnel, this 
unconditional certification is the definitive seal of approval for 
the way we operate in athletics at Northwestern State 
University," said university president Dr. Randall J. Webb. "It 
reflects our continuing commitment to excellence and integrity 
in every aspect of our university community and goes hand-in- 

hand with our 1 00 
percent accreditation of 
our eligible academic 

Greg Burke, director of 
athletics at Northwestern since August of 1996, called the 
announcement "a proud achievement" for Northwestern's 
athletic program. 

"This official approval by the NCAA represents a 
dedicated level of commitment by the University and the 
athletic department to have a program which enjoys a high 
level of success at the Division 1 level while also meeting and 
exceeding operating principles which are paramount to 
operating an athletic program in an efficient and productive 
manner," he said. 

"Successfully completing the NCAA certification process 
reflects a high level of commitment by many individuals dating 
back to October of 200 1 when the initial orientation meeting was 
held. The co-chairs — Dr Patrice Moulton and Dr Chris Maggio 
— along with the sub-committee chairs and members, as well as 
the staff, coaches, and student-athletes within the athletic 
department are all to be commended. Also noteworthy is the 
sincere level of interest and support the athletic program receives 
from the University administration on an ongoing basis." 

Jason Tinsley to 
head UNCP men's 
basketball program 

Jason Tinsley has been 
appointed head coach of the 
University of North Carolina at 
Pembroke men's basketball 
program. Tinsley was an 
assistant coach with NSU from 
1996-1999. He graduated with 
a bachelor's in 1989 and with 
his master's in 1997. 

Chris Roper Memorial 
Golf Tournament 

In honor of the top golfer on the 1981 Northwestern 
State University Demon Squad, the 22nd Annual Chris 
Roper Memorial Golf Tournament is being held on 
Saturday, April 24 at the Robert W. Wilson Recreation 
Complex located on the campus of NSU. 

Lunch will be served at 12 p.m. with tee off beginning 
at 1 p.m. Entry fee is $45 per player and cart rental is $7.50 
per player. Participants may sign up individually or as a 

Mulligans are $2 and they are unlimited. Mulligans can 
be purchased in the Pro Shop prior to the tournament. 
Prizes will awarded for first, second and third place teams. 

The tournament is a four-man scramble. Other events 
hosted include the Closest to the Hole contest and the Long 
Drive contest. 

Roper was killed in a traffic accident over the 
Christmas holidays in 1982. He was a native of Camden, 
Arkansas and was a member of the Trans-American All 
Conference team placing ninth in the League Tournament. 

For more information on the tournament, please call 
Hall Adams at (318) 357-3207 or email Cindy Davis at . 

- ^r^ 

Alumni Columns Spring 2004 / G 

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Student athletes reach a new high in academic acheivements 

ith 16 student-athletes 
carrying perfect 4.0 grade 
point averages, 
Northwestern State had 1 35 competitors 
qualify for the fall semester honor roll 
by posting averages of 3.0 or better in 
their studies, reaching a new high in 
academic achievement for the athletic 

One of those honor roll students, 
sophomore linebacker Paul Mefford. made 
100 tackles this season while carrying a 
3.91 grade point average in business 
administration. He was voted Southland 
Conference Student- Athlete of the Year on 
the SLC All-Academic Football 
Team chosen by coaches, academic 
advisors and sports information 
directors around the league. 

Julie Lessiter, the academic 
advisor for athletics, said Mefford 
was among 30 Demon football 
players to make NSU's fall 
academic honor roll. The 1 35 
student-athletes earning the 
distinction included 24 from the 
track and field program, 23 from 
the baseball team, 1 8 soccer 
student-athletes, 16 softball players 
and 10 women's basketball players. 

Among the 16 student-athletes 
with perfect 4.0 averages last 
semester, five were track and field 
competitors: Jessica Craig, Dani 
Moss, Carrie Norton, Abby 
Salomon and Angel Villa. Three 
more — Magali Van Den Bergh, 
Alex Nieto and Camila Prado — 
are Lady Demon tennis players. Jill 
Lowe and Stacy Miller represented 
the women's soccer team in the 
elite group. Pitcher Casey Johnson 
of the baseball team also posted a 
4.0 in the fall. 

Also earning 4.0 averages 
were two volleyball players, Isabella 
Duarte and Cathy Herring, along with 
Nicole McGuirk and Lyndsey Gorski of 
the Softball team and Josh Storrs from the 
football squad. 

"We're exU'emely proud of the 
academic perfonnance of our student- 
athletes, especially these 1 35 who have 
made the honor roll," said Lessiter. 'To be 
a successful student-athlete at the Division 
I level, you've got to have self-disclipline. 

be highly motivated and have excellent 
time management skills. The challenges 
that every student faces academically 
represent the most important part, but only 
part, of the workload these young people 
encounter each and every day. They have 
practices, offseason workouts, road trips, 
games, and other responsibilities to handle 
in addition to their academics, and to see 
how hard they work at it is inspiring. 
"1 believe a large portion of our 
student-athletes come here with the right 
approach and I know that our coaches 
provide them with the motivation and the 
opportunity to succeed academically and to 
ultimately earn degrees," said Lessiter 


Through the 
generosity of our supporters, 
we^ve been able to provide 
them with a top-flight study 
environment at the Johnnie 
Emmons Academic Center 
where we have computers 
and tutors and meeting 
rooms to provide assistance 
as necessary. Our faculty is 
extremely supportive of all 
students and works with the 
student-athletes to help 
them achieve the balance 
necessary to succeed in the 
classroom while competing 
in athletics. 


"It's a great environment for our 
players to prosper academically and that is 
demonstrated in the record number of 
people on the honor roll and in our 
continually growing list of graduates." 

Two-time NCAA women's basketball 
assists queen La'Terrica Dobin, football All- 
Americans Roy Locks and Ahmad Willis, 
and minor league baseball players Tyler 
Durham, Carl Makowsky and Ricky Solis 

were among 24 student-athletes receiving 
undergraduate degrees at Northwestem's 
Fall 2003 commencement exercises. 

Also earning his diploma by 
completing classwork online was 1 994 
Southland Conference basketball "Player of 
the Year" Eric Kubel, who played 
professionally overseas since leaving 

Two of the student-athletes, soccer's 
Jill Lowe and distance runner Carrie Norton 
of the track and field team, ranked among 
the top 30 suidents in the record class of 826 
graduates receiving degrees in December 
Lowe and Norton each graduated magna 
cum laude with grade point averages 

between 3.7 and 3.89 on a 4.0 scale. 

On track to match that lofty 
accomplishment, Mefford was the 
SLC's only first-team Academic 
All-District VI selection, becoming 
one of 24 Division I linebackers to 
appear on the Academic All- 
America ballot this fall. The native 
of Kingwood, Texas, was the 
second-leading tackier for the 
nation's No. 9-ranked team in total 
defense. He also ranked among 
SLC leaders with 1 1 .5 tackles for 
lost yardage and 3.5 quarterback 

Mefford helped Northwestern 
reach the I-AA playofts last season 
and were part of a team that was 
ranked as highly as No. 1 1 in the I- 
AATop 25 during this year. 

Mefford won the NSU athletic 
department's "Freshman Male 
Student- Athlete of the Year" award 
last year for having the highest 
grade point average by any male 
athlete. He is the recipient of the 
Charlie Tolar Memorial Scholarship 
for academic and athletic 

Mefford was the only Division 
I-AA player elected to the Academic All- 
District VI team, which honored top 
scholar-athletes at Division 1 football 
programs in Oklahoma, New Mexico, 
Texas, Arkansas, Misssissippi and 
Louisiana. He joined players from LSU, 
Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma State, 
Arkansas, Ole Miss and Mississippi State, 
among others, on the first team. 

Alumni Columns Spring 2004 / 7 

Alumni Events 



Thirty-three graduates, three faculty attended the College of Nursing 43'" year 
class reunion on September 20-21, 2003. 


Reunion committee for 
the College of Nursing 
43"^ year class reunion 
included (front row) 
Velda Wade Watson, 
Elaine Brouillette 
Pritchard, Amelia 
Pickett Weldon, Jackie 
Naylor Howard, (back 
row) Carolyn Barnett 
Warren, Carol 
Goldstein Allen Peters 
and Kay Bryant Allen. 

Lafayette P 



'^^^;r NSU alumni Nick Darbonne ('02) Mark 
.^-'4^-, % Deshotel ('99) and Chad Givens ('00 & 

'01) attended the Alumni Recruiting 
Reception in Lafayette. 


> ' 

.^',. . Dickey ('90) and Valerie ('93) 
\t < ' Marze hosted the Alumni Recruiting 
Jr' . Reception in Lafayette this spring. 

New Orleans Alumni 
Recruiting Reception 

Edie Sirmon and Johnny Carmouche shared their love for 
Northwestern with prospective students during the New 
Orleans alumni and recruiting reception hosted by 

A]unini Columns Spring 2004 / 8 

Visit our website at: 

Alumni Events 


Baton Rouge 
Alumni Reception 

Dan ('57) and Lilly Chase opened their 
home for the annual alumni reception in 
Baton Rouge. 

June Boucher ('42) and Pauline Jobe 
('42) caught up with each other at the 
Baton Rouge alumni reception held at 
Mike Anderson's. 

Jason St. Germain ('03), Lindsey Wright Wilson 
('01), Cory Wilson ('01), Richard Armstrong ('01) 
and Jourdan Raacke (02) reunited during the 
Baton Rouge alumni reception this spring. 

Kenny Guillot ('67) received the"'N"th 
Degree from President Randall Webb 
during the Baton Rouge alumni 
reception held at Mike Anderson's. 

Baton Rouge alumni gathered at the home of Dan and 
Lilly Chase. 

Covington Alumni 
Recruiting Reception 

Ricky ('85) and Julie Messina ('89) Walmsley 
once again opened their home to prospective 
students in Covington. 

Adam Bird ('94), Tommy Moore ('87) 
and Louis Robinett (89) attended the 
alumni reception in conjunction with 
the Texas Music Educators 
Association conference. 

Alumni Reception / 
Texas Music Educators 
Association Conference 

Alumni ColunmsSprmg 2004/ 9 

Alumni News 



Fifty years after graduating from Northwestern, the 

Class of 1954 will gather at their alma mater to 

reminisce about the good times and good friendships 

bonded during their colleg 

e career. They are getting 

ready to reunite with old friends and classmates for the 

Golden Jubliee to commemorate the 50-year mark of 

receiving their diploma on 

May 7. 

Members of the class 

will enjoy lunch and a bus 

tour of the city and before the 3 p.m. commencement 

exercises where each member of the class of 1954 will 

again make the commencement walk to receive their 

50-year diplomas. 

On Saturday, members of the Class of 1954 will be 

inducted in the "50-Plus Club," as part of the group's 

annual luncheon. The luncheon will be held in the 

Friedman Student Union ballroom. 

Cost for the entire weekend is $25.00 per person or 

$50.00 per couple. 

For more information 

contact the Alumni Center at 

318-4414 or 1-888-799-6486 or by email at 

Missing 1954 

Barnhill, Ada 

Norsworthy. Marjorie Ann 

Basco, Larry C. 

Olson, Norman W. 

Berlin, Rudy C. 

Parker, Ethel Tullos 

Bush, Willard Dolford 

Parker, Margaret Holmes 

Carter, Loriece 

Parsons, Lona Claire 

Cooper, Maxie Arrant 

Perry, Helen May 

Cox, Daisy 

Perry, Marie 0. Mullins 

Crow, Angie P. 

Poole, Virginia C. 

Curran, Donna Allen 

Pryor, Mabel F. 

Daniel, Mary Kathryn 

Pugh, Wilburn G. 

DeLoach, Lorelle Melton 

Rogers, Billie Hatcher 

Dupree, Lillias L. 

Royston, Frances La Verne 

Durham, Robert L. 

Santisteban, Elaine Holley 

Engelhardt, John W. 

Schmidt, Peggy Jo Taylor 

Fleming, Myron Jacob 

Schmidt, William Clayton 

Gallagher. Sam H. 

Sillavan, Dick 

Garrett, Doris Madalyn Brown 

Simmons, Geraldine Faye 

Guynes, Jocelyn Townsend 

Singletary, Virginia Marjorie 

Guzman, Doris Simon 

Smith, Bessie Matthew 

Hays, Elnia B. 

Smith, Gloria N. 

Hays, Polly 

Smith, Mary Lee Stewart 

Hendrix, Eleanor B. 

Snoddy, Marilyn L. 

Honeycutt. Julia Marion 

Stephens, Mildred Middleton 

Hyams, Louis Fairriere, Jr 

Stevens, Eunice 

Irby, Dorothy Willard 

Sturdivant, Nancy Mae 

Jacobs, Helen Lois 

Sutherlin, Robert J. 

Janet, Hansel 

Toms, Doris M. 

Juneau, Rodney L. 

Tucker, Mary Elizabeth 

Kendrick, David Beard 

Velez, Pedro A. 

Kimball, Beverly VoUman 

Vercher, Robert Adrian 

Lampin, Ruby Othell 

Vidmar, Alice 0. 

Lyle, Henry P 

Wetzel, Nihla Ann 

Lyons, Patrick H., Jr. 

Whitehead, Josie Mavis 

Martin, Elmer Ray 

Wiggins, H. Carlyle 

Matthews, Clara H. 

Williams, Charles O. 

McGinty, Lennie Virl 

Williams, Clifford Wilson 

McLain. Frances Emeline 

Williams, William Ray 

McWilliams, Ina Joan 

Wood, Catherine Ann 

Neal, Eillie Ruth 

Wright, Martha Louise 

Strong belief in education keeps 
Chases giving back to Northwestern 

To Lilly and Dan Chase, supporting Northwestern State 
University is their way of "trying to do a little good." The Chases 
recently made a donation of $60,000 to the NSU Foundation to set 
up the Dan and Lilly Chase and daughters Marty Causey and Lisa 
Chase Endowed Professorship in the College of Education. 

Dan Chase, who is from Baton Rouge, is a 1957 graduate of 
Northwestern. He lettered in football at Northwestern. Dan Chase 
has served as a member of the NSU Foundation Board of 
Directors and is a member of the NSU President's Council and the 
Select 100. The Chases have also supported the university by 
frequently hosting alumni meetings and other Northwestern 
recruitment events at their home. 

"1 love Northwestern. It gave me a great education," said Dan 
Chase, a retired educator, who is now chairman and chief 
executive officer of Dan Chase Taxidermy Supply Co. Inc. "The 
university helped give me a good philosophy of life and it was 
there that I met my wife Lilly, who I have been married to for 48 

The donation will be matched with $40,000 from the Board of 
Regents' Support Fund to create a $100,000 endowed 
professorship. Interest generated by the endowment will fund 
faculty research and development along with needed equipment. 

"I decided that Northwestern needs help in the academic field 
and money plays a part in that," said Chase. "This will help faculty 
get materials, travel and do research. Publishing papers takes 
money." has two daughters who are currently in graduate 
school working toward master's degrees in education. Both started 
college as non-traditional students. 

"1 believe in education," said Chase. "I know that somewhere 
down the line, this professorship will help someone in the field." 

Several years ago. Chase made a $100,000 donation to the 
NSU Athletic Association to set up a fully endowed scholarship 
for a student-athlete in any sport at Northwestern. 

"When I was in college, I had an athletic scholarship that 
covered all my costs. I never thought about money," he said. "I 
thought it would be good to 'pay back' my scholarship." 

The endowed professorship will be the third created in 
NSU's College of Education. 


Alumni Columns Spring 2004 / 10 

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Alumni News 


Capital Campaign 

ready to kickoff 

This spring marks the public phase 
of Northwestern State University's 
first capital campaign. This event will 
be celebrated with an Inauguration 
hosted by President and Mrs. Randall 
J. Webb and the NSU Office of Alumni 
and Development on Saturday, May 15 
at the NSU President's Residence. 

"This is the kickoff of the public 
phase of our first ever capital 
campaign," said Director of 
Development and Alumni Affairs 
Chris Maggio. "We have already raised 
over $ 1 2 million of our $ 1 8.84 million 
dollar goal. The focus of our 
fundraising is to help endow chairs, 
professorships and scholarships." 

The proceeds of the Inauguration 
will establish an endowed scholarship. 
Cost of the coat and tie event is $60 
per person. For more information 
contact Kelly Kay at (318) 357-4248 

Alumni Set Up Endowed 
Professorship in Math 

Ellis Coutee and his wife, Melva Juanita Martinez Coutee 
are strong believers in giving back to their alma mater. 
Northwestern State University. 

The Coutees of Baton Rouge have established two 
endowed scholarships and have continued their generosity with 
a gift to the NSU Foundation to set up the Ellis Coutee and 
Melva Juanita Martinez Coutee Endowed Professorship in 
Mathematics. The professorship will be set up over three years 
with gifts from the Coutees and matching gifts from the 
ExxonMobil Foundation. The $60,000 gift will be matched 
with $40,000 from the Board of Regents Support Fund to 
create a $100,000 endowed professorship. This endowed 

professorship will 
be the 23rd at NSU 
and the first in 

"We hope this 
action will whet the 
appetite of other 
alumni and cause 
them to take a 
second look at their 
capability of 
giving," said Ellis 
Coutee. "We hope 
the students and 
faculty in 
mathematics can 
benefit from this professorship. Northwestern gave each of us 
what we needed when we needed it. Northwestern was the 
springboard to success." 

A portion of the interest generated by the endowment each 
year will be used to fund classroom instruction, faculty 
research, purchase needed software and hardware and cover 
needed travel to professional conferences. The remaining 
portion will be used to build up the endowment. 

"The Department of Mathematics is honored and delighted 
by the generosity of Ellis and Melva Coutee," said Dr. Frank 
Serio, head of the Department of Mathematics. "This first 
endowed professorship in mathematics will strengthen our 
program through expanded research and travel opportunities. 
Since faculty-student collaboration is an integral part of our 
mathematics curriculum, this gift will also enhance the 
educational experience of all our students." 

Ellis and Melva Juanita Martinez Coutee are both 
Northwestern alumni. Ellis Coutee, a 1960 graduate in 
accounting, is a native of Alexandria. While a student, he was a 
member of the honorary business fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Fraternity, the Newman Club and was on the Interfraternity 
Council for two years. Ellis Coutee is a former senior revenue 
agent and life insurance specialist with the U.S. Department of 
the Treasury. He is in the consulting business with Coutee and 
Coutee Tax Consultants. 

Ellis (60) and Juanita ('58 & 60) Coutee were 
recognized for their generosity by President Randall 
Webb during the Baton Rouge alumni reception. 

Alumni Columns Spring 2004 / 11 

Class Notes /Profiles 

After winning re-election last 
fall, State Rep. Joe Salter 
knew he would be busy for the 
next four years. He had no idea about 
the challenges that would face him. 

Salter, a 1 965 graduate of 
Northwestern in eiucation. was chosen by 
his colleagues to serve as Speaker of the 
Louisiana House of Representatives in 
January. As speaker. Salter's duties 
include overseeing operations of the 
105-member Louisiana House of 
Representatives, making committee 
assignments, presiding over the House 
and ser\'ing on various boards and 

Salter admits he was surprised when 
newly elected Gov. Kathleen Blanco 
contacted him as he was returning from a 
conference in South Carolina and asked 
him to seek the position. 

"I had never given any thought to 
being speaker,'" said Salter, who is from 
Florien. "After talking with my family 
and praying about it. I told her I would 
toss my hat in the ring." 

An educator for 33 years. Salter has 
been a member of the Legislature since 
1986. He also received a master's at 
Northwestern in education and did 
additional postgraduate work. His wife, 
the former Bettye Lilly, is a 1965 graduate 
of Northwestern in education. She is a 
retired teacher. 

Salter represents Sabine and Red 
River parishes along with part of DeSoto 
and Vernon parishes. In his opinion, his 
past experiences and service in the House 
will help him be an effective leader. 

"I have been working with the public 
all of my life, so I have had experience at 
working to bring people together to reach 
a consensus," said Salter. "It is easier to 
get things accompli.shed when people 
work together. I have always tried to work 

hard and convince people to do their jobs 
and do the right thing." 

Salter knows that reaching a 
consensus on some important issues will 
be difficult when dealing a diverse group 
of elected officials from a variety of 
backgrounds with different political 

"I have always tried to treat people 
fairly and be tolerant of the opinions of 
others," he said. "I know people have 
differing opinions and have respected 
those. It's good that the Legislature isn't 
organized along party lines, so legislators 
with good ideas are heard." 

Since being elected as speaker. 
Salter spends more time doing media 
interviews and his comments carry extra 
weight. He has also been the subject of 
positive stories in newspapers around 

"I guess I am not really conscious of 
that," said Salter. "It has been good to 
read some of the nice things people have 
said about me. 

Making the decision to attend 
Northwestern was easy for Salter, who 
grew up in Sabine Parish. 

"It was close to home and most of 
my friends were attending Northwestern." 
said Salter, who was a member of Blue 
Key while an undergraduate. "Going to 
Northwestern was a great experience for 
me. I met a lot of great people and had 
some wonderful instructors, who prepared 
me to go into the field of education. 

"Northwestern wasn't too large and 
the classes weren't too large. The 
instructors had a connection with the 
students. They took time to get to know 

Salter was a teacher, principal and 
assistant superintendent in the Sabine 
Parish school system. 

Because of term limits, Salter is in 
his last term in the House. He plans to 
work with Blanco to improve education 
and health care and develop new jobs. 
NSU isn't in Salter's district, but he 
knows how important the university is to 
north and central Louisiana. 

"Northwestern has been a big help 
to me," he said. "It has been very 
important to Natchitoches and the 
surrounding parishes. 

"The university has not been getting 
its fair share. Because of Northwestem's 
growth, it is not where it needs to be 
compared to other institutions. I am going 
to take every opportunity to voice my 
concerns and continue to support 


Ora Dell Frazier Zubrod is retired and lives in 


Betsy Nina Smith Morris is retired and lives 
in Green Bay, Wis. 

Audrey Smith Maxwell is retired and lives in 


H. Philip Pfost is a retired faculty member 
from the University of South Florida, married 
and lives in Wesley Chapel, Fla. 


MaryAnn Cronin Stephenson is retired, 
married and lives in Overland Park, Kan. 


Roger Ray Moore is retired, married and lives 
in Phenix City, Ala. 

Leslie L. Lott retired from Boeing Company 
as a procurement agent and lives in 


Curtis Joseph Paul is retired, married and 
lives in Alexandria. 


Wilton Edward Hearron retired from Caddo 
Parish School Board as executive director and 
is currently superintendent of Calvary Baptist 
Academy. He is married to Lucy Hearron 
('63) and hves in Shreveport. 


Francisco H. "Pancho" Perez is general 
counsel for the Louisiana Department of 
Health and Hospitals, married and lives in 
Baton Rouge. 

Ronald P. Roan is a retired AVP and trust 
officer from Hibemia National Bank. He is 
married to Kathy J. Gaddis Roan ('67) and 
lives in Lake Charles. 


Bradley John Manuel is a visiting associate 
clinical professor at Texas Women's 
University College of Nursing, Houston 

Dr. Barbara Coatney, former department head 
of family and consumer sciences was 
awarded Professor Emeritus Status, is 
married and lives in Lake Charles. 

Alumni Columns Spring 2004 / 12 

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Class Notes/Profiles 


Larry W. McKenzie is the owner of 
McKenzie's Embroidery, Inc., married and 
lives in Monroe. 

Sherry Lynn Stricicland Stewart is a biology 
instructor at Navarro College. She is married 
and lives in Corsicana, Texas. 

Carol Ann Chaney Keys is a technical 
assistant at NAPCA at EPA in Corvallis, Ore. 
and lives in Albany, Ore. 


Charles Kelley is a self-employed contractor 
and lives in Pineville. 


Carol J. Repulski Dahle is the director of 
choral activities at Hudson Middle School, 
married and lives in Hudson, Wis. 

Stephen Wells is a musician and lives in 


Ryan Wallis is employed by Abbott, Simses 
& Kuchler as a lawyer and lives in New 

James Gibbs is employed by the Louisiana 
State police in communications, married and 
lives in Leesville. 


Michael Wayne Cooper is the executive 
director of Cedar Lake Bible Conference 
Center, married and lives in Cedar Lake, Ind. 


Donna M. Kirkland Reed is a chemistry 
teacher at Pineville High School, married and 
lives in Deville. 


Amie Clifford is the assistant director of 
national programs for the National College of 
District Attorneys and lives in Columbia, S.C. 

Terry M. Ruddell is the operations manager 
for Baxter Sales and Chem. Station, married 
to Becky Guidry ('79) and lives in Longview, 


Robbie B. Lee Williams is employed by the 
Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals 
Office of Mental health as a mental health 
specialist, married and lives in Minden. 


Donna Lynn Elliot is employed by the United 
States Army as a Ltc. Army Nurse Corps, 
married and lives in Upper Marlboro, Md. 


Jesus Rodriguez is the export manager for 
Los Angeles Supply and lives in Miramar, 

Peggy Fitt is a kinesiology instructor at 
Wharton County Junior College and lives in 
Sugarland, Texas. 


Haywood Joiner is the chairman of the Allied 
Health Sciences Department at LSUA, 
married and lives in Boyce. 


Kerry Colleen Hopes Peterson is a pediatric 
nurse practitioner for BCA Medical 
Associates, married and lives in Roswell, 



Kathryn Jenney Lesko recently garnered four 
awards, two on the state level and two on the 
national level in marketing excellence 
competitions. She is the director of public 
relations at Clara Maass Medical Center in 
Belleville, N.J. 

Mandy Jones is employed by Beaumont 
Independent School District as a teacher and 
lives in Beaumont, Texas. 

Renee Richard is a history teacher at McGill 
Toolen Catholic High School and lives in 
Mobile, Ala. 


Kenneth Campbell is the minister of music at 
Gonzalez Baptist Church, married and lives 
in Gonzalez, Fla. 

Daniel Anderson is a sales representative for 
Bearing Service Supply Inc.. married and 
lives in Bossier City. 

Dr. Caprice Brown leyoub is employed at 
leyoub & Wyble & LLC as an attorney 
mediator, married and lives in Baton Rouge. 


Toni Angela Distefano Stroud is a 
homemaker, married to Michael "Mickey" 
Stroud ('87) and lives in Dallas, Texas. 

Jeffrey Zeringue is the executive editor for 
the Daily Comet, married to Mary Kay 
McClung Zeringue ('85) and lives in 


Tim Keeley is a district manager for Sherwin 
Williams and lives in Greensboro, N.C. 

Brad Ferguson is the broker and owner of 
Brad Ferguson Real Estate and Ferguson 
Ventures. He is married to Amelia Warren 
Ferguson ('95) and lives in Natchitoches. 


Tricia Benny Castille is a production 
specialist for Rhodia and lives in Baton 

Joe M. Brister is a component lab supervisor 
for American Red Cross and lives in St. 
Louis. Mo. 

Sandi Polk Morris is employed by Hawaii 
Management Alliance in investigations and 
lives in Wahiawa, Hawaii. 

William P. Johnson is a waterfowl biologist 
for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, 
married and lives in Canyon. Texas. 


Melinda Rathburn is a laboratory assistant at 
Willis Knighton Medical Center and lives in 


Lawrence Earl Johnson is a dealer support 
manager for Nissan North America, married 
and lives in Flower Mound. Texas. 

Estelle Gravois Murr is the chairman of the 
dance department at Joshua High School, 
married and lives in Fort Worth. Texas. 

Tina Foret Bonstaff is a marketing manager 
for Ericksen, Krentel & LaPort LLP, and co- 
owner of Mike Bonstaff Academy of Tae 
Kwon do. She is married and lives in 

Harlan Dickson Hughes is a financial advisor 
for Morgan Stanley and lives in Shreveport. 

Brad Sievers is the owner of Sievers 
Holdings Inc., married to Brandie St. Pierre 
('95) and lives in Rayne. 


Paul Saunders is the owner of Texas 
Warehouse Furnishings, and lives in Dallas. 

Rebecca Hall Hayes is a computer teacher at 
West Wilson Middle School, inarried to Mark 
Hayes and lives in Mount Juliet. Tenn. 

Richard Allen Brown is a registered nurse at 
LSUHSC. married and lives in Bossier City. 

Stephanie Annette Richardson Sandwell is a 
teacher at Harlingen High School, married 
and lives in Harlingen. Texas. 

Alumni Columns Spring 2004 / 13 

Class Notes /Profiles. 

Gail Stephenson, 
administrative general 
counsel for the First 
Circuit Court of Appeal in Baton 
Rouge, Louisiana, and 1976 NSU 
graduate, has been named the new 
director of legal writing at the 
Southern University Law Center. 

Stephenson, who has been an 
adjunct instructor in the law center's 
legal writing lab since January of 
2003, began the new position in 
March. She is also on tenure track as 
an assistant professor of law. 

Stephenson is director-at-large 
with the Baton Rouge Bar Association, 
a member of the association's 
Publication Committee, and a member 
of the Louisiana State Bar 
Association's editorial board of the 

Louisiana Bar Journal. Her column 
"Gail's Grammar," has been a major 
feature in the Baton Rouge Bar 
magazine. Around the Bar, since 1994. 

"At Northwestern I blossomed 
from a shy country girl into a confident 
young woman," said Stephenson. "The 
liberal arts education I received at NSU 
allowed me to compete on an equal 
footing with graduates of other 
universities, both public and private, in 
law school. My professors in political 
science, English, and philosophy all 
required term papers in their classes, 
which was excellent training for all the 
writing lawyers have to do." 

The Campti native is a 1984 
graduate of the LSU Paul Hebert Law 
Center, where she was Order of the Coif 
and member of the Louisiana Law 
Review. She was inducted into the LSU 
Law Center Hall of Fame in 1987. She 
taught appellate advocacy as an adjunct 
instructor from 1997-2001 at LSU. 

One of Stephenson's favorite 
memories is about an activity that 
changed her life. 

"I'll always be grateful to Coach 
Howell for requiring his Health 102 
students to pair up and collect for the 
Arthritis Foundation in lieu of taking a 
final exam in the fall semester of 1973. 
Joe Stephenson and I collected for the 
Arthritis Foundation together, dated for 
the next three years, and on January 8 of 
this year we celebrated our 27th 
wedding anniversary." 

Joe Stephenson is a 1975 graduate. 


Leighton M. Colbert is a United States 
probation officer for U.S. District Court, 
married and lives in Florissant, Mo. 

Kimberly Jean Horton Rich is a registered 
nurse at Willis Knighton Pierremont Hospital, 
married and lives in Bossier City. 

Robert Macfarlane Bishop is the general 
manager for Berthelot's on the River, married 
to Alana Lynn Mack Bishop ('94) and lives in 
Port Vincent. 

David A. Goldsmith is employed by Vivid 
Entertainment as an actor, married and lives 
in Shreveport. 


Kevin Jones is an applications engineer for 
Crestron Electronics, married and lives in 
Lewisville, Texas. 

Kelle P. Hinson Lyles is a law clerk for the 
Ninth Judicial District Court, married and 
lives in Bunkie. 

Dale Newton Montgomery is employed by 
Bossier Parish District Attorney's Office and 
Cook Law Firm as an attorney, married and 
lives in Bossier City. 

Tammy Blankenship Curry is an operator at 
International Paper Company in Mansfield, 
married and lives in Pleasant Hill. 

Sharon Swains O'Neal is the owner of Best 
and Swains Insurance Agency, married and 
lives in Alexandria. 

Brad Thomas Thibodaux is an account 
executive and morning show host for 
Guaranty Broadcasting of Houma Radio, 
married and lives in Houma. 

Gavin Vitter is employed by Lewisville 
Independent School District as an assistant 
band director and lives in Lewisville, Texas. 

Brandi Raquel Brumley Skains is a 
homemaker, married and lives in Cypress, 

Melissa K. Randall is an actress, married and 
lives in Glendale, Calif. 


Rebecca Eileen Sylvester Funderburk is a 
third grade teacher and lives in Opelika, Ala. 

James "Jimmy" Robert Miller is a medical 
representative for Athlon Pharmaceuticals, 
married and lives in Round Rock, Texas. 

Theresa Ann Guillory Seaton is a sales 
representative for Russell Stover Candies, 
married and lives in Pineville. 

April Dawn Wilson Allen is a homemaker, 
volunteer children's music director at church 
and collegiate coordinator for Tri Sigma in 
the southeast area, is married and lives in 


Chad H. Mills is the minister of students at 
Eastwood Baptist Church, married to Angela 
Pine-Mills ('00) and lives in Haughton. 

David Michael Toledo is an associate 
minister of music at First Baptist Church and 
lives in Keller, Texas. 

David Deggs is an education program 
coordinator for the Louisiana Department of 
Education and lives in Baton Rouge 

Kenny Watts is a computer programmer for 
Louisiana Farm Bureau Insurance, married 
and lives in Baton Rouge. 

Julie Christine Bedard Burns is a special 
events manager for the Juvenile Diabetes 
Research Foundation, married and lives in 

Robert Dale Landstad is a marketing director 
for Delta Medical Consulting, married to 
Annie James Landstad ('95) and lives in 
Corinth, Texas. 

Casey Shawn Williams is a doctoral student 
at Texas State University department of 
Aquatic biology, married to Carla J. Hassan 
Williams ('99) and lives in San Marcos, 

Sheila Edwards Long is the owner and 
director of Sheila Daycare Preschool, married 
and lives in Cape Girardeau, Mo. 

Alumni Columns Spring 2004/ 14 

Class Notes/Profiles 


Branden Johnson is employed by Sabine 
Valley Caqjenter as an MH Professional. He 
is married to Tabitha Johnigan Johnson ('01) 
and lives in Longview, Texas. 

Jody A. Gowdy Weierholt is a homemaker, 
married to Peder Weierholt ('02), an army 
lieutenant, and lives in Fort Riley, Kan. 

Christopher Pinder is a recycle & recovery 
technician for Weyerhaeuser Industries, 
married to Roxie Thompson Pinder ('02) and 
lives in Montgomery. 

John D. Foster is a claims specialist for 
A.I.G., married and lives in Baton Rouge. 

Kelly Louise Horton Dunn is an adaptive RE. 
teacher for Red River Parish School Board, 
married, and lives in Natchitoches. 


Katie Summerell Bernard is the sales 
manager for Cypress Bend Golf Resort 
Conference Center, married and lives in 


Amy Marie Slayter Hale is a mathematics 
instructor at LSU at Alexandria, married and 
lives in Pineville. 

Robert Lee Browning is a percussionist for 
the U.S. Air Force Band of the West and lives 
in San Antonio, Texas. 

Laura Catherine West is an instructor of the 
arts at Dansaton Dance Center and lives in 
Lynnwood, Wash. 

Mary F. Gates Guin is a medical social 
worker at Kennewick General Hospital, 
married to Jerrod Cane Guin ('02) and lives 
in Richland, Wash. 

Pamela Dorris Freeman is a medical 
technologist in microbiology at Christus St. 
Francis Cabrini Hospital, married to Garrett 
Steven Freeman ('00) and lives in Otis. 

David D. Morgan Jr. is a regional vice 
president for Association Member Benefits 
Advisors, married to Leslie Kaylo Morgan 
('01) and lives in Michigan. 

Leslie Kaylo Morgan is a sixth grade teacher 
married to David D. Morgan Jr. ('01) They 
are expecting their first child in late August. 


Chris Rondeau is an instructor at Bossier 
Parish Community College and lives in Plain 

Shannon Carol Williams Cox is a project 
coordinator at Louisiana Technical College in 
Natchitoches, married and lives in 


Cecil Sprague III is employed by Halliburton 
as an accountant and is currently working in 

Jamie Marie Frasier is a graduate assistant at 
the University of Arkansas and lives in 
Fayetteville, Ark. 

Jeremiah Hunter Newsom is a first year 
student at LSU Health Science Center, 
married to Marion Yelverton Newsom ('03) 
and lives in Shreveport. 

Mindy Cole Mixon Hinderberger is a 
recruitment specialist for Clinical One. 
married and lives in Austin, Texas. 





'35 Frances Carroll Hagler, February 5, 
2004, Logansport 

•35 Mack Buddy Maxwell, Sr. 
Bossier City 

'38 James Earl Hilborn. Shreveport 

'42 Elizabeth Burford Dady Pabody, 
January 1 , 2004, Shreveport 

'48 Frank M. Lampkin, Bossier City 

'50 Patsy Powell Graves, Gulfport, Miss. 

'52 Richard Lewis Carly. September 20, 
2003, Zimmerman 

'63 James R. Machen, November 1 , 2003, 

'89 Caria Beth Lofton Keeley 

Patsy Barnes, October 23, 2003, Metairie 

David Vernon Dupree, January 15, 2004, 
Baton Rouge 

Carrie Lee Christian, January 19, 2004, 

Chlotilde Onie Brown Ordoyne, 

December 22, 2003. Ponchatoula 

Wiley L. Osborne. January 16. 2004, 
Clairmont. Calif. 

Corrie V. Perry, February 7. 2004, 

Mary Janet Ray Shockley, December 10. 
2003. Vivian 

Ralph M. Young, December 6, 2003, 
Houston, Texas 

Mary Esther Roberson, former 
associate professor of home 
economics passed away on November 
24, 2003. Miss Roberson served on 
the home economics faculty from 
1951 until her retirement in 1975. She 
taught clothing and textiles and 
sponsored the Euthenics Club. She 
was a charter member of Beta Kappa 
Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma 
Society International. She made her 
home in Arcadia after retiring from 

Riley (R.J.) Stoker, past president of 
the NSU Alumni Association passed 
away on January 8, 2004. Stoker was a 
1932 graduate of Northwestern. He 
was a principle in Sabine Parish 
before becoming state director of 
school food services and commodity 
distribution for the state of Louisiana. 
He was inducted into both the 
Northwestern State University Athletic 
Hall of Fame and the Louisiana High 
School Athletic Association 
Coaches'Hall of Fame. 


Alumni Columns Spring 2004 / 15 

Class Notes /Profiles 

Looking bacK 

Softball celebrates 25 years 

Northwestern State University's softball team has reached 
a milestone in its history. The team celebrates its ZS"" year 
anniversary this season, taking time to reflect on teams from 
the past and look ahead to teams of the future. 

In 1979, head coach Pam Carey went 10-14 with the first 
ever softball team at NSU. Back then, the team played at 
Highland Park on Texas Street. These days, the softball team 
calls the Demon Diamond home. The current softball park is a 
1,000 seat facility that has gone through major renovations 
over the past year and will continue to change until it is one of 
the best facilities in the Southern Conference. 

Carey stayed with the Lady Demons for a year and was 
followed by Debra Pheil in 1980, whose team record was 11- 
15. In 1981, James Smith began coaching the team where he 
accomplished a winning season streak for three years. Coach 
Smith still remains on NSU's athletic staff and serves as head 
coach of the Lady Demon basketball team. 

"When 1 coached, kids played two or three sports, now it's 
more specialized," said Smith. "I was lucky to find someone 
who pitched fast, now they have four or five strong pitchers on 
the roster." 

The NSU softball team won their 
first Southland Conference 
Championship in 1991 under Rickey 
McCalister. The team's overall record 
in the Southland Conference was 18-5. 
Players Rhonda Rube and Ginger 
Craig were named 1991 NCAAAll- 
Americans, one of the greatest honors 
a college athlete can accomplish. The 
university has since retired both of the 
women's jerseys. 

Another six years went by before the softball team would 
win another Southland Conference title. In 1998, Gay 
McNutt's team captured the SLC Championship and competed 
in the NCAA Softball Tournament. McNutt would go on to 
win the SLC Championship in 1999 and 2000. For the first 
time in history, the NSU softball team was 3-peat champs. 

Rickey McCalister 

Ty Singleton coached the Lady Demons for the 2001 and 
2002 seasons. His team picked up another SLC Championship 
and appeared at the NCAA tournament. 

In 2003, Eileen Schmidt took over the role as head coach 
where she hopes to return the girls to -a championship season. 

"There's a rich tradition of strong softball here at 
Northwestern and I'm hoping to continue that throughout the 
Southland Conference and the region," said Schmidt. 

The first weekend in April, the softball team will host a 
25-year reunion inviting past players and coaches who 
participated in the program. 

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